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Our Vision

We work to build relationships based on trust and the easy expansion of our partnerships, based on fair and long-term terms. This results in an environment where every partner is satisfied. We want to transmit and share our knowledge, following our long series of experiences.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships and networks. This is why trust is a fundamental element of successful partnerships. We are convinced that strong partnerships lead to innovation, as they facilitate the joint development of new approaches, which in turn will benefit patients. We also constantly strive to achieve our environmental and social goals.

Finally, we continuously develop our business in such a way that all partners take leadership positions in their respective sectors and departments, making our company and partners achieve long-term success.

"No matter how smart you are, if you don't know how to work with people, your dreams will just be dreams"

- Jack Ma

27 Avlidos Str.
Postal Code 11 527
phone +30 211 1829125