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We consider that the person who secretly supports Healthcare Professionals is a more trusted partner and with this in mind we built our company.

Implementing this thought, we apply the face-to-face call of the responsible communication at the beginning of the cooperation with any physician at his office, but also whenever requested.

Our goal is not only to record the needs of the physician but also the exchange of views and experiences for the better and more efficient operation.


Communication is the key of keeping relationships alive. Collaboration is almost impossible when there is a lack of communication. Fortunately, we live in an age of technology that makes group communication easier than ever. Group communication solutions help teams operate at the same high levels, whether in the same office or in different parts of the world.

Constant communication with your team members makes things work smoothly, while at the same time reassuring people that you are ready to do the same job and the same effort to achieve a common goal.

The secretarial support from elia plan best is implemented through an interactive communication network, offering all-day support from specialized, in the field of health, staff. This ensures the generally excellent operation and organization of the office, such as the absence of missed calls, scheduling appointments, informing the patient about the operation of the office and other services that strengthen the patient's relationship with the doctor something that is constantly ascertained during the patient's visit to the physician's office.

Mutual benefits

Long-term cooperation offers great benefits to both you and our company.

24/7 service

elia plan best operates Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00. During the remaining hours, a personal answering machine refers to the opening hours of the secretariat and the physician's office as well as to an emergency telephone, offering the patient the possibility of 24-hour communication.


The experience and specialization of our staff in the organization and classification of appointments offers their maximization during the opening hours of the physician's office but also the avoidance of gaps between the physician's appointments.

Face – to – Face Call

elia plan best  is the first company that introduced the face – to – face call to the physician's office of the secretarial support before the beginning of the cooperation with the doctor, enabling him to know the responsible person who will manage his office offering promptness but also the possibility to jointly organize the operation of the daily practice according to their needs , aiming at the best possible result.

Immediate information

At elia plan best  the patient feels and is unique. In any change in the operating hours of the physician's office, in any emergency situation or delay, he is informed in time and realizes that he enjoys the respect of his physician.

Addressing data

At elia plan best  the call is answered by addressing the physician's details (eg orthopedic surgeon ..) and not impersonally.

Direct access from everywhere

At elia plan best , the physician has the ability through mobile devices and smart phones to access his calendar and be informed immediately or to make any change and generally feel like he is in front of his office computer.

Custom program

We manage calls in a way that is perfectly customized according to the physician's instructions. This is reflected in his calendar. At elia plan best  we do not use the standard software (calendar) available in the market. Based on our 20 years of experience in the field of health professionals, we have created from the beginning the most advanced software exclusively for Healthcare Professionals, perfectly adapted to their needs.

Call divert

At elia plan best , the physician, in addition to the diversion of his fixed telephone line, is given the opportunity to be able to divert his mobile phone at the same time, either for a long period of time or occasionally, depending on his needs (eg diversion of his mobile phone). during surgery hours, rest hours, etc.) and cancellation of the diversion after the end of these special conditions.

Advanced software for appointments

The advanced software - calendar that we provide to the physician allows him to intervene at any time by adding or removing appointments, to exclude periods of time that will be absent (eg conferences), something that is immediately perceived (real time) by us  which forms his schedule according to his instructions. Another proof that at elia plan best  the physician is not a client but a partner.

elia plan best  is committed to the faithful observance of the confidentiality of its medical associates, having a duty of confidentiality against information that it became aware of, when providing its services to the doctor.

"No matter how smart you are, if you don't know how to work with people, your dreams will just be dreams"

- Jack Ma

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